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I am very pleased to announce that once again we have exceeded our previous year’s distribution of warm winter woollies and we still have one month to go.   Compared to the same time last year, we have distributed over 13% more items.

Our last packing day for the year will be on Tuesday 4th December. However, we are happy to store your donations until we start back after the summer break, so keep sending in your hand knitted and crochet items to give us a head start for next year.


We still have lots of squares just waiting to be made up into blankets. If you are able to help and want to keep busy over the summer break, please email Di to



We held our kogo Community Wrapping Day on Sunday 18th November at the premises of Foodbank Victoria. Over 100 volunteers wrapped a total of 4029 Christmas gifts in under 2 hours! 
These gifts will be donated to various organisations that support children living in refuges from domestic violence as well as to families suffering extreme hardship.  Foodbank Victoria will assist in distributing the gifts, along with food items, through the numerous charities they support. 

We wish to thank everyone who was involved in this project, from those that knitted the amazing toys and those who gave donations of both money and gifts, as well as the volunteers who gave up their time on Sunday to sort and wrap the gifts.  And a big thank you to those who helped clean up afterwards.

A special thank you must go to our kogo Christmas Angel Project co-ordinator Miri Abramovich who did such as an amazing job and also to Foodbank Victoria for allowing us to use their premises and more specifically to Chris Scott from Foodbank Victoria for all his help ensuring the day ran smoothly.


We love receiving all the items that you send to us but sometimes we seem to have a lot more of one thing and less of another! At the moment we have lots of premmie clothing, babies’ beanies and booties but we need more babies’ jackets. We will keep you updated as our needs change.


Where is my nearest drop off point? The list of drop off points in Victoria and Tasmania is on the website.  Otherwise all Lincraft stores Australia wide accept donations on behalf of kogo.

Did you receive my parcel? We receive thousands of items every week.  Whilst we try hard to acknowledge the donations where we have the donor’s contact details unfortunately this system doesn’t always work, so please do not be disappointed if you don’t get a note to say that we have received your parcel. Please be assured that we appreciate ALL your beautiful donations.


We received the following email:

Hi Andrea,
Great news – we now have a knitting group!  
A big thankyou to KOGO for the starter kits as well as providing Carol Maude and the other volunteers to get this group going.  They have all been fantastic.
The group is called Melton South Knit & Natter Group and will meet every Monday 10am-12noon weekly.
Thank you again

If you are interested in setting up a knitting group in your community, please email Andrea to 


We were very pleased to receive this first donation from Tasmania that came via the Launceston office of Family Based Care Tasmania.

We now have a drop off point in Southern Tasmania:
Community Based Support Australia
24 Sunderland Street, 
Moonah  7009

Next year we will have more drop off points in various locations in Tasmania through Rural Health Tasmania






Thank you for all your amazing work and kindness to people who have found hard times.
Best wishes to you and your kogo angels
Lynne x

Keep an eye out for the December newsletter.  We will let you know the final distribution of items for the year.   There are also lots of exciting projects coming up in 2019.

Warm Regards,