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We know that Spring is officially around the corner and we had a little taste of the milder weather this month but there is still lots of cold weather to come. Although we have distributed 10% more items than the same time last year, we are still having trouble keeping up with the demand. Please spare a thought for those who don’t have a permanent roof over their heads or no heating and keep those fingers busy creating your warm woollies!


Just recently we were delighted to receive a grant from the Eva and Les Erdi Humanitarian Charitable Foundation to set up knitting groups. The aim of these groups is to bring together socially disadvantaged and/or isolated people to give them the opportunity to assist others in need within the community. Our grant has enabled us to purchase starter kits containing yarn, knitting needles and patterns as well as a knitting teacher for an initial instruction session if required. We are currently seeking appropriate Community Partners to share in this project. If you would like to become involved, please email Andrea to or call 0409 438 603 and leave a message.
Collingwood Neighbourhood House – the first participants in our Knitting Group project – started with 5 participants first week and doubled to 10 the next week! 

Drop Off Points

We have cleared the backlog of items that had been held up interstate and now have a much more efficient system of getting your donations sent to us in Melbourne.
Our Far Northern Queensland knitters will be pleased to know that Lincraft has returned to Mackay with the opening of a new format Lincraft Essentials Store in Kay Crt. Glenella.



We have a collection of baby wool, mixed buttons and ribbons that have been donated to us over time. If you know of a craft group or organisation that could benefit from them, please email Di to or call 0409 438 603 and leave a message.


Pictured is kogo's very special volunteer, Ron Fischer.
Here he is hard 'at work' on a beanie he's making from donated yarns.
Ron was born just 'eight weeks before our Queen Elizabeth' making him over 90 years old. 

Ron says he enjoys making beanies 'because you get a change of colour every few minutes' - he hopes to have 36 beanies, two for the fans of each AFL club, ready in time for next year's footy season.

We received a parcel with the following hand-written note from one of our lovely long term kogo knitters; 

Dear Ros,
6 dolls from 100-year-old Win Moorhouse (her birthday was in May)
8 pairs of handwarmers and 4 scarves from Judy Bryant
1 rug and 2 scarves. It is good to be back home after 4 weeks in hospital! I kept knitting all the time! 
Phoebe Eizenberg
Keep up the good work!! You are an absolute inspiration!




In the last month, Andrea (our Community Education Co-ordinator) has been out and about talking to various Community groups. 
Pictured on the left is Andrea receiving a donation from The Dingley Village CWA and Probus.
Pictured on the right is The Casey Cardinia library Friday knit and stitch group.


We received the following thank you note and photo from Tweddle Child and Family Health Service

Thank you once again to you and your team for the recent delivery of wonderful blankets, toys, beanies and knitwear. We can assure you that each one of these gifts brings joy to families.
Communications Manager Kerrie Gottliebsen takes great pleasure in seeing the babies and toddlers choose their cuddly toys, while the parents are at pains to pick a blanket, knowing full well that a lifelong treasure has been made for them.

Please keep up the good work.

Warm Regards,