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It is fantastic to see all your beautiful handknitted and crocheted items pouring in. One Tuesday morning this month, we had a visit from one of our volunteer donors and she was amazed to see kogo in action! Her eyes filled with tears to think that there is such a vast need for our winter woollies in the community. Of course, this is absolutely correct, but how wonderful that we are able to help warm up the lives of people in need – both in a physical sense and an emotional sense because we are showing them that we care about their situation.

This is illustrated by the great feedback we get from our community partner organisations. Here are a few examples.                       
Tonight my team at The Footpath Library in Melbourne gave away our whole stock of KOGO items to people living rough: 11 x scarves, 4 x fingerless gloves, 2 x beanies and 2 x blankets. The looks on their faces as they wrapped themselves in your cosy handmade items was precious. Thank you thank you!!! 
I wanted to send you an update and say a huge thank you for the incredible contribution KOGO has made to our programs and to the Sudanese women. 
We have welcomed KOGO representatives to both Stand Up's Sudanese Women's Groups in Sunshine and Dandenong this year and they have been teaching the women to knit and encouraging them to take risks by trying new things, bringing all the wool and needles that are needed. 
Of course we also love your Baby Bags that we continue to give out to new babies.  In fact recently we have visited 2 new babies and the mothers have been so excited to receive our KOGO gift bag. As they open it up and bring out the new blankets, they point out how they are using the blankets given to them for their previous baby and how much they love it. 
Thank you so much and we look forward to continuing our partnership with KOGO. 

Yutong, who attends Operation Stitches homework club, loves her warm scarf so much and refuses to remove the tag

Our few remaining knitted items were distributed last night and one man told me the scarf and beanie he was wearing was from KOGO a couple of years ago....he loves them as they keep him warm!
Our anti-bullying awareness project has got off to a flying start – with the delivery of 1670 purple beanies to the Alannah and Madeline Foundation so far. It is great to see all the creativity of the beanies – both in style and shades of purple and also the large number that have “Beanies not Meanies” badges attached. Many thanks to all of you who have taken on this project with such enthusiasm.
We have many fabulous craft groups that donate to kogo but I want to make mention of the Barham Time Out knitters (pictured). This group is in New South Wales and when they first started donating to kogo, one of their group would take their finished items to Priceline Echuca where they would be picked up by the Pharmacy area manager, taken to the Pharmacy warehouse in Melbourne and then brought to our office! A lovely couple called Pam and Len (who live in Victoria) have a holiday house in Barham. When in Barham, Pam would join their knitting group.  Pam then suggested that she and Len become the couriers for the Time Out group. Now every time Pam and Len come back from Barham, they bring us bags of “goodies” from the group. On their last visit Pam and Len also bought us a box of oranges and grapefruits straight off the tree!!

If you are a kogo donor and live in an outlying suburb of Melbourne or in regional Victoria and you come to Melbourne on a regular basis, you might like to consider becoming a drop off point for others who live in your area. If you are interested, please email Di to

A truly generous donation by Laila Schenk!
Laila has been donating to kogo for years. Each bag contains a knitted blanket, knitted jacket, bought outfit, toy and book.
Thank you for the unbelievable kindness and generosity.

Winter has come with a vengeance and so we will need lots of warm winter woollies (for every age) and blankets over the next few months but we have plenty of premmie baby items at the moment.
For their third year of World Wide Knit In Public Day, Brunswick Uniting Church is once again knitting for communities in need around Australia. All items created on the day will be donated to kogo for distribution
All levels of knitters and crocheters are welcome. Materials and patterns will be supplied.
For more information, please click onto this link

These are the first blankets that I’ve knitted that weren’t squares. They have taken awhile – but that just means there’s even more love in them!
Warm Regards,