Get involved:

Imagine not having a place to call home in winter. The reality is that there are so many people without a warm place to sleep at night and to protect them from the elements. Get involved and help us spread the warmth to those that need it.

Knit for Us

Whilst we have over 5000 knitters we desperately need more as we just can't keep up with the demand from the community. Have you got some spare time or wool? Would you like to help the most vulnerable people in our community?........


Our knitted garments provide physical warmth for the recipients but they also give them an emotional boost because they are made by a community that cares about them and their situation. Donations, no matter how small or large, allow us to expand our reach ……….

Corporate Supporters

Your company’s support can have a real impact on the lives of some of the most vulnerable in the community whilst having a positive impact on your business at the same time. We’d be pleased to tailor a sponsorship partnership to meet your strategic business objectives……..

True Stories

Hearing from the people who actually receive our warm winter woollies always brings a smile to our face as well as a tear to our eye. It’s the outreach workers and social workers from our community partner organisations who actually make contact with the recipients but we love hearing their anecdotes …….

In 2018 kogo distributed 90,350 hand crafted winter woollies to the most vulnerable in our community through 300+ community partner organisations.

kogo (Knit One Give One) is a not-for-profit organisation that asks volunteers to donate time and wool to knit warm winter woollies that kogo then distributes to people in need through over 250 community groups. We’re always looking for more hand knitted scarves, beanies, children’s toys or blankets.


Want to give a baby A warm start ?

A heartwarming initiative that we started in 2009 is to make up baby packs to support mums who are undergoing financial hardship and struggling to provide a stable family environment. These gift packs contain a hand knitted cot blanket, beanie, booties, jacket and toy.

Unfortunately, there are many mums who can’t afford to give their new baby a warm start in life and that’s why we’re looking for more knitters to create items for gift packs so that we can extend the initiative as widely as possible.