Knit for Us

Have you got some spare time?

Would you like to help the most vulnerable people in our community?

kogo asks volunteers to donate time and wool to knit or crochet warm winter woollies that we then distribute to people in need through over 250 community groups. Help kogo spread the warmth by picking up your knitting needles/crochet hooks and making a scarf, beanie, children’s toy or blanket.


Become part of the kogo family and join

over 5000 other volunteer knitters.


How You Can Help

•  Get a group of friends together to knit
•  Get a group of co-workers to knit
•  Get the children’s school involved
•  Get a local community group to knit
•  Get a playgroup to knit
•  Donate money


If you would like some hints on how to start a knitting group in your school or community please email Ros at

See some of the amazing items our dedicated volunteers have made

Donated Items
Donated Items
Donated Items
Donated Items